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      1st Machinery Works accumulated sold API standard drill pipe, shell NS – 1,independent research and develop sulfur service drill pipe and double shoulder (DSTJ)drill pipe, high strength drill pipe and small size, external upset drill pipe more than 20000tons.

    Important performance:

    1. Asia's deepest wells Sinopec Tashen No 1 well with 8400 meters use drill pipe from BHNK;
    2.National key project of Sichuan East Gas Puguang gas field use BHNK sulfur service drill pipe;
    3. China continental scientific drilling project use BHNK drill pipe to core well for 4 years exploration, with hole depth of 5158 meters, creating the most deepest and best achievements of the drilling engineering;
    4.CNOOC offshore Tianwaitian project use BHNK drill pipe for oil and gas exploration, creating the first time to use domestic drill pipe for offshore exploration;
    5.CNPC key monitoring project Takan No.1 well use BHNK drill pipe;
    6.CNPC Tarim Oilfield Keshen No.7 well use BHNK NC52T drill pipe, 8100 meters design well depth,  
    refresh the record of CNPC onshore projects;
    7. CNPC Pipeline Bureau use BHNK 6-5/8 V150” drill pipe, create including the longest distance, the maximum diameter etc 7item the world's crossing record;
    8. China onshore longest horizontal displacement well JiDong NP13-1706 Well (drilled depth 6387m, horizontal displacement 4940.99m), use BHNK drill pipe .