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      BOHAI NKK DRILL PIPE CO., LTD. of Bohai Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the BHNK) is the R&D and manufacturing base of OCTG owned by CNPC. BHNK integrated the business of drill pipe, pipe body and their related quality supervision. The business of drill pipe (including drill pipe, pipe body, internal coating for OCTG, inspection and maintenance of drill pipe) achieves an upstream and downstream chain of product and service。Now,there are 396 contract employees,which has 1 bureau-level expert,49 intermediate-senior professional technical personnel and 5 company level expert assistants.
    With strong R & D and production capacity, BHNK can provide drill pipe in accordance with API 5DP and NS-1 standard and other non-standard drill pipe, such as sour service drill pipe(BH95SS,BH105SS),high anti-torque drill pipe(BHDS,BHDH,BHDX double shoulder drill pipe),high strength drill pipe(BH135T,BHV150,BHU165) and special structure drill pipe(BH52,BHUC HDD drill pipe).
      BHNK can also provide drill pipe body ranging from 2 3/8″to 6 5/8″in diameter with the upset type of IU,EU and IEU. Besides, the EU tubing pipe body ranging from 2 3/8″to 4 1/2″in diameter and the heat treatment service of high grade casing are also within the our supply scope. 
    The material of internal coating for OCTG comes from TUBOSCOPE and consists of liquid coating(DPC、TK-34、TK-34XT) and powder coating(TK-34P、TK-236、TK-216) with excellent anticorrosion property and waxresistance.
      Drill pipe inspection and maintenance service can be applied in the detection of in-service and disuseddrill pipe and in the well site detection and supervision according to API, NS-2, DS-1 or the requirements of customer.
      All of main products are authenticated by the ISO9001 and NS-1 authentication. Drill pipe and pipe body have obtained API certification authorized by American Petroleum Institute.
      Based on BHNK brand, the company perseveres in the principle of “quality first, customer first” and provides our customer with full range and multi-level service and excellent products relying on advanced technology, perfect detection means, strict process control and excellent management system.
      Its annual capacity of 36000 tons and the products are extensively used in major oilfields in China and more than ten countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and American etc. 
      BHNK will always be market-oriented, efficiency focus and customer first, pursuit value, return sincerity to customer and aim to build “Domestic leading, International first-class” R&D, manufacturing and service base of OCTG.