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      1st Machinery Works has two sets professional research institutes, the headquarters located in Tianjin is responsible for the top design, research and development of major projects, science and technology research and development of high and new technology product development, common research and development of infrastructure projects. Its branch research institute is responsible for OCTG, transportation pipes etc development and new technology promotion work. With conformity assessment of China national approval committee approved laboratories and national enterprise technology center of BEM, CNPC.
      1st Machinery Works carries out foreign cooperation with Beijing iron and steel research institute, southwest petroleum university,TGRC,Xi 'an Moore engineering laboratory, Japan JFE, Japan NKKT, end user (Bohai Drilling Engineering, Tarim Oilfield, Western Drilling Engineering,CPP) Institute of Exploration Techniques,CAGS etc ,and has established good industry-study-research cooperation relations.
      Jointly developed BH52T drill pipe, sulfur service drill pipe, BH135T, BHV150, BHU165 drill pipe, rapid make-up casing etc many high-tech products, obtained 55 patents.