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    Internal coating for OCTG drill pipe tubing and casing special-shaped workpie
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          In 1993, 1st Machinery Works introduced production technology and equipment from ICO to build the first OCTG internal coating production line in domestic, and established Jiangyin branch in 2007. The production line is the only authorized user by NOV TUBOSCOPE, with significant technical advantage. Products include DPC coating special designed for the Chinese market and TK series coating with high recognition in international market, these coating have anticorrosive, wax proof , save water horsepower, increase service life of OCTG. Production line has the capability of supplying internal  coating for drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, drill collar, tubing, casing, gathering line, special-shaped workpiece and other kinds of products diameter from 32mm to 406mm, length no more than 14.5m, annual capacity of 1.8 million meters.