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    People Network, Various media attention "CNPC Bohai Equipment"

    Hits:1565  Date:2015/9/30 10:21:14
      Recently, Xinhua news agency, People's Network, Phoenix News, China network, etc, several media reports in succession, highly praised BHNK drill pipe of CNPC Bohai Equipment for creating pipeline crossing world record and the longest horizontal well exploration records in domestic etc outstanding contributions, fully showed "made by Bohai Equipment" in China's equipment manufacturing industry ’s brand value.
      Xinhua news agency introduced with image and text, Bohai NKK Drill Pipe co., LTD ,as a joint venture was established in 1995, production replace import high strength drill pipe used for oil exploration. The company attaches great importance to the combination for science and technology research with production requirements, strengthen the investment in science and technology. For recent five years, complete 29 science and technology innovation projects, fill 9 items blank of the world and domestic, 19 national patents, obtain a major breakthrough on research and development pipeline crossing. The high grade drill pipe’s tensile and torsional strength produced by the company is 1.3 times that of ordinary drill pipe same specifications ,have very strong comprehensive mechanical properties, especially suitable for high torque force through engineering, to fill the domestic blank, played an important role in many engineering projects at home and abroad, to realize the economic and social benefits of double harvest.
      People's Network report as 《Bohai Equipment Qingxian high strength drill pipe assist CNPC create new record for construction of domestic maximum displacement well》,CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company use NC52 high strength drill pipe which obtained national patent in jidong oilfield large displacement NP13-1706 well, making land drilling the longest horizontal displacement new record in China. The well’s drilling depth of 6387 meters, the horizontal displacement of 4940.99 meters, refresh the deepest well depth, the longest horizontal displacement and the largest depth for tail pipe of new Jidong oilfield.
      Phoenix News, China network reported that Bohai Equipment Qingxian BHNK drill pipe assist CPECC complete Zhejiang Ningbo-taizhou-wenzhou gas pipeline directional drilling crossing construction in September, created OD 813 mm and length of 3192 meters world pipeline crossing new record. This is the eighth consecutive pipeline crossing world record, and all of the world record crossing projects used BHNK drill pipe.
      BHNK brand drill pipe of Bohai Equipment, is the famous brand of hebei province, the key recommendation of CNPC and national customer satisfaction products. Since the company was established, over 20 year past, the company has always set science and technology innovation, industry leading as the goal of enterprise development, obtain excellent performance on high-tech enterprise, product research and development, market development, customer satisfaction, products in addition to meet the demand of domestic oil field exploration, also exported to more than 30 countries and regions of the world, has made contribution for a number of difficult exploration and large displacement well key pipeline crossing project, recognized by customers at home and abroad, known as "No.1 drill pipe of China", add luster to "Bohai Equipment manufacturing" brand image. (Bohai NKK Co.,LTD Zhao Fengbo)